Anthony Morales

"DJ A.N.S."

Anthony was born in South New Jersey, to Puerto Rican parents, learning
from an early age all there was to know about their culture, costumes, and music.
But, if that wasn’t enough, he would go to live part of his childhood in Puerto
Rico itself, mastering the Spanish language. It was there where he would
experience up close and personal the concept of a disc jockey. His uncle had a
turn table, and was the person the neighborhood would call upon to do parties
and help them celebrate their life events. He stayed closed to his uncle all those
years, being groomed to become the next musical talent in the family.

As the years went on, he expanded his musical knowledge more and more.
Him and his family moved back to Jersey, but he would break off from them,
moving to New York at the age of 19. Working as a newspaper boy in the Village,
would listen to New York’s radio station La Mega 97.9FM, where he became
amazed by DJ’s like Johnny Famolari, and Norty Cotto, and the things they did
with Spanish and House music. Deeply influenced by their work, Anthony would
continue to follow them and try to emulate them as a DJ. He purchased his DJ
equipment, and practiced daily, submerged completely into the music.
He went back to Jersey and worked at a local night club with one of his
buddies. He stayed doing this for eight years, developing his music knowledge
and cultivating the passion that would drive him on the rest of his life.

His notoriety grew exponentially. He worked in radio station shows in Philly and
Jersey, obtaining the same fame and status he as a little boy admired in his uncle.
Some years later, Anthony made some upgrades to his personal life. He got
married and moved down to Central Florida, where he continued to work in
nights clubs and radio stations.

A little over twenty five years after returning to the US, Anthony today is
both a professional Disc Jockey, and a music producer. He makes beats for other
DJ’s and record pool websites. He also plays in private and corporate events
throughout the Orlando, and Tampa Bay Area. He’s been blessed with a loving
wife and two boys, who love him dearly, and cheer him on every night he plays.